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Labradoodles in Hawai'i

(Rutlands Shu Shu x Rutlands Copper Art)


• name: Vita

• born: August 6, 2006

• where: Kauai, Paradise Labradoodles

• who are your parents?:

Rutlands Ginger (dam)

Rutlands Harvey (poodle sire)

• color: Apricot

• grading:

• size: Standard

• sex: female

• coat: curly fleece

• favorite foods: Papaya , Dried chicken strips, hickory
smoked knuckle bones

• favorite pals: Jazzy 5yr old medical alert service dog
Labrador/greyhound mix
Wahoo 9mo old golden retreiver in service dog training
Cali 3yr old Calico Therapy kitty
Special 18yr old Appolousa Hors

contact: Judy Suan

• website: Hawaii Fi-do

• update: Current Puppy raiser Judy Suan: Public Awareness
Director for Hawaii Fido
Vita is in Training as a Companion Therapy Dog to live
at a residential Memory Enhancement (Alzheimers)
Facility on Oahu, Hawaii for 26-30 residents

Vita is our dog slotted for the Alzheimer care home
We have several in the litter being trained as mobility dogs-they are very gentile and smart-still young.
We are doing a breeding now and hope to have more pups in Aug.

Vita Von Val


Vita in training

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