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Labradoodles in Hawai'i


• name: UB

• born: May 2006

• where: Paradise Labradoodle , Kauai

• who are your parents?:

Ginger Labradoodle

Harvey Rutland Standard Poodle

• color: cream, apricot ears

• grading: Multi-gen Austrailian Labradoodle

• size: standard

• sex: neutered male

• coat: curly fleece

• favorite food: Homemade chicken veggie soup

• favorite toy: Santa squeeky toy

best friend: Val, Vaughn, Kai and daughter, Addie

home: Kailua

contact: Judy Suan 221-5698

UB is a Multi Generational Labradoodle out of Rutland Stock/Paradise Labradoodles on Kauai, our Hawaii FIDO Service Dog Breeder for one litter in 2007.

He is 23 months old, now neuter and was Certified in January 2008 through Hawaii FIDO as a Medical Alert Service dog. He alerts to raised blood pressure that may trigger a panic attack, retrieves medications, lowers blood pressure through tactle petting and rubbing his head in your lap, promotes daily exercise to increase strength, as well as offers support for mobility and support for getting up from a seated position on the ground.

Building the human animal bond is Ub's strength as he volunteers with his owner Judy Suan weekly in hospitals, care facilities ,senior centers, shelters with at risk youth and READ to Willie program in Libraries and schools on Oahu.

Giving back to the community and mentoting current service dogs in training is a special treat to our angel.

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