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Labradoodles in Hawai'i

photo courtesy of Cloudcatcher Labradoodles

Sulley Mandel

• name: Sulley Mandel

• born: April 2, 2006

• where: Cloudcatcher Labradoodles, Reserve Creek, Australia

• who are your parents?:

Cloudcatchers Dixie(Dam)(ALF4)

Cloudcatchers Cinnabar(Sire)(standard Poodle)

• color: gold

• grading: ALF4pp

Sulley's dad is a red standard poodle, his mom is a 4th generation labradoodle with a white wool coat.

• size: standard

• sex: male

• coat: wool

• favorite food: he likes jerky treats

• favorite toy: stuffed lamb

• island home: Aiea...moving to Kailua

• Sulley's baby pictures: http://photos.cloudcatcherlabradoodles.com/thumbnails.php?album=48 (He's dark gold dark brown collar male in newborn picture, then gold tan collar male, then wine boy, then leather boy) She had a collar problem, they kept falling off.

contact: mandelfamily@gmail.com


• my new family

• a day and a life

• growth chart

• special occasions

handsome dude........

sun-bleached Sulley

...at the doodle romp and lovin' it!

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