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Labradoodles in Hawai'i

Sophie (aka 'Lil Sari')

• name: Sophie

• born: August 22, 2002

• where: Rutland Manor, Australia

• who are your parents? Sire: Shannon, cream fleece miniature

Dam: Rutlands Aleicia, chalk fleece miniature
• color: Cream Fleece Curly

• grading: F4 Multi-gen

• size: Miniature

• sex: female

Sophie is mommy of doodle Puff who is a service dog, and another doodle named Kimba
• coat: fleece curly

• favorite treat: Jack Links Beef Jerky

• favorite trick: Sophie has many – she can sit and say her prayers with her paws clasped, she will sit with her treat placed on top of her head and not move until she is given the command “okay!” Sophie would love nothing more than to be cuddled all day long!

• Special story: Sophie came into our family to provide our special needs son pet therapy, she was such a blessing; we pursued getting her certified as a licensed therapy dog with the wonderful support and help from Susan Leuhers and her wonderful agency Hawaii Fi-Do and Therapy Dogs Inc. Sophie has since become Chief Therapeutic Dog for Kapiolani Medical Center Pali Momi, where her owner, Sandee works. She comes to work with Sandee Monday through Friday and provided Therapy visits to our inpatients (she curls up with patients on their hospital bed!), outpatients (she calms our younger patients that are afraid of coming into a clinical setting and she will sit inside our audiology booth while they are having hearing tests) and many staff daily. Everyone loves having her on board at Pali Momi!

contact: Sandee and Jim Motonaga

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