a day and a life......

4am: alpha dad walks into the kitchen to start his coffee. I always hear his footsteps and sit up to check him out. He kinda ignores me and waits till I lay and put my head down ......that's when he opens my crate and we usually go in the back to check out the plants.

We then go downstairs to his office and he works while I go back to sleep.

Sometimes he gets his surfboard and heads out in the dark....I 'm put back in my crate and go back to sleep.

6am: alpha mom gets up and starts breakfast and makes lunch for my sisters.

7:30: it seems like a mad rush and loud noises as everyone heads out the door.....then all is quiet.

From then on, everyday is different...I had a lot of visitors like this one day: I met a new terrier named Daisy...


at Kian's pool

special occasions

..one night activity......

Photo Booth: American Idol 'wanna bees

Nalu on TV 2007