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(rorie x ben : brown boy - 6weeks)

•all photos on this page are courtesy of Sunset Hills Austrailian Labradoodles

Naluiki Young

name: Naluiki (meaning "small wave" in Hawaiian; "nalu"= wave, "iki"= small, a name given to me by my uncle Sig) . I still acknowledge "Nalu", "Nalu boy" or "booboo", "booger", whatevahs, as long as there is something in it for me. (chicken flavored preferred)

SunsetHills Rorie's Naluiki

born: August 11th, 2005 (in Hawaiian time, it was my 'Alpha's dad's birthday)

where: Sunset Hills Austrailian Labradoodles, Adelaide, Australia

who are your parents?:

Sunsethills Crimson Aurora (Rorie)

Sunsethills Golden Spark (Ben)

Rorie x Ben : multigeneration miniature labradoodles (a litter of seven)

...............mom..(Rorie) dad.. (Ben)

color: apricot

grading: ALF2 (miniature labradoodle parents)

size: miniature

sex: male; desexed

coat: fleece

favorite treat: marrow bones and raw chicken wings

Naluiki's baby pictures at: http://www.sunsethills.biz/kaluiki_young.htm

contact: Alpha pair, Doug or Babs

special occasions


...2 weeks...........4 weeks

da boys @ 6weeks

my 'bros and 'sistahs

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