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Labradoodles in Hawai'i

( SunsetHills Crimson Aurora x Knox Dreamweaver )

photo courtesy of SunsetHills Austrailian Labradoodles

Kian Hughes

• name: Kian ( pronounced like: cayenne) Hughes

SunsetHills Rorie's Kian

• born: March 2, 2005

notes: birth via C-Section around 2pm
He has two sisters in Sunset Hills breeding program: Elly and Abi.

• where: Sunset Hills Australian Labradoodles, Adelaide, Australia

• who are your parents?:

SunsetHills Crimson Aurora (Dam: Rorie)

Knox Dreanweaver (Sire)

• color: Apricot / Cream

• grading: ALF2pp

Kian has one Labradoodle (Rorie) and one Poodle parent (pp = Parent Breed Poodle); Dreamweaver is a champion show poodle in Australia.

• size: miniature

• sex: male

• coat: spiral fleece

• favorite food: marrow bones

• favorite toy: bully sticks

• island home: Kailua

• Kian's baby pictures: http://www.sunsethills.biz/kian_hughes.htm

contact: Kailua Sue



• my new family

• a day and a life

• growth chart

• special occasions


my first birthday party>

proud Sirius grad

new 'do, 11/05

Shinto blessing 6/06

March 3rd, 2009

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